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YWTB! Ryan Gattis

ello and welcome back, after a short break, to the second series of You Wrote the Book, with Simon Savidge. Each fortnight Simon is joined by a special guest author to discuss their life as a writer and as a reader.

Simon’s guest for this episode is Ryan Gattis whose latest novel All Involved is based around the true events in April 1992, after one of the most notorious, racially charged trials in American history, the city of L.A. exploded in violence, it is like the book equivalent of a rollercoaster.

For six days, Los Angeles is a city ablaze. For six days, seventeen people are caught in the chaos. For six days, Los Angeles shows the world what happens when laws are no longer enforceable. Ernesto Vera is walking home from his job at a taco truck when three guys jump out of a car and assault him. Ernesto’s not in a gang, he’s not involved, but his sister is – and when Payasa hears that her innocent brother has been murdered, she wants revenge. As widespread rioting breaks out across the city, Ernesto’s death triggers an astonishing sequence of events, not just for the gangs involved, but for the fire fighters, nurses and law enforcement who must deal with the consequences.

Simon had the pleasure of talking to Ryan over a coffee a few months ago in Liverpool and discussed his latest novel, gang culture, the cycle of riots and the incredible goals he set himself with this novel. He started by asking when Ryan first knew he wanted to write about the 1992 riots…


Ryan Gattis

Over the next few weeks Simon will be joined by Bethan Roberts, Paul McVeigh, Susan Barker, Hanya Yanagihara and David Whitehouse.  If you have any questions for the authors, would like to suggest authors you think Simon should be getting on the show, or simply want to have a natter about books, you can email or find us on twitter @youwrotethebook.

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