The Readers Episode 24; Independent Foreign Fiction & Orange Prize Longlists2012 & When Does Hype Get Too Much?

This week on The Readers it’s just Simon and Gavin and they have a lot to discuss. First up are the announcements of the Independent Foreign Fiction Prize and Orange Prize Longlists and the books that appear on them. Then they discuss ‘hype’ and then it is back; what they have been reading, have read and are going to read next.

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The Independent Foreign Fiction Prize & Orange Prize Longlists 2012 () Announced last Thursday, just before Gavin and Simon recorded the show, the bookish duo have a look at the books that made the cut in the lists this year and the ones that didn’t. Which ones are they thrilled made the lists and which ones will they be giving a whirl?

Orange Homepage 2

When Does Hype Get Too Much? () Simon has been getting a little bored by the bombardment of mentions and ecstatic reviews of ‘Capital’ by Jon Lancaster. He has nothing against the book, he is just bored of seeing it and hearing about it everywhere. This opens up the discussion on hype, why is buzz ok and yet hype isn’t? When does hype become too much and can it actually hinder the chances of a book being read? Where is the line and what makes just the right balance?

What We Have Read, Are Reading & Want To Read Next () The books on Simon and Gavin’s reading brains are…

Simon has recently read: The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank
He has not long opened: Alice by Judith Hermann
He is very eager to read: The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller


Gavin has finally finished: Absorption by John Meaney
He’s just started: The City’s Sun by Tom Pollock
He’s keen to get into the icy: Hypothermia by Arnaldur Indridason


Next week on The Readers () it’s just Simon and Gavin for more book based banter, until then…

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