The Readers – Episode Two

…And we are back! We’ve made it through the ‘difficult’ second episode which actually seemed much easier, Gavin sounds a little less god like and we have much more of a natter, including rather a rant from Simon on Readability.

What is news in the book world? (00.29) The Nobel Prize, Amazon furthers its publishing field, the Orange Prize 2012 judges and ‘The Literature Prize’. The latter comes to haunt the hosts later.

Murakami Madness (09.54) Haruki Murakami ‘s long awaited ‘1Q84’ Books One and Two, in a single book, comes out this week. We discuss if this could be the biggest book of the year and why people, including Simon, think Murakami is such a masterful (if bonkers) storyteller. Gav is mulling over which Murakami to read next and which we should read as the first ‘The Readers Book Group Choice’. Thoughts please…

We take a trip to The Book Barge (17.58) Doesn’t the idea of travelling around the UK in a boat selling and bartering books for six months sound like bliss? Well Sarah is doing that on her Book Barge and Simon joins here on the Manchester canal (remember he doesn’t like boats) to find out what life is like at 4mph with nothing but books surrounding you!

Literature vs. Readability (28.57) This week, in the UK, ‘The Literature Prize’ got  the bookish world in a bit of spin, some thinking it was brilliant, some thinking it was pompous twaddle created by Booker bitter lemons. Simon and Gavin discuss the whole idea of this new prize and the debate between what is ‘literary’ and if it should have ‘readability’. We would LOVE to hear your thoughts on this in the show notes comments. Oh and get ready for Simon to have a really big rant.

What we have been reading and what we are looking forward to… (46.06) We catch up with each other about what we have been reading, what we are reading next and what we are simply desperate to get our prose loving paws on.

What have you been reading and what should we be reading next? Oh, and please leave any comments on the show in below, we would love your constructive feedback.

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