The Readers Episode 33; Entrenched in Books, Sam Mills and The Quiddity of Will Self

In the second to last show before ‘The Readers Summer Book Club 2012’ starts we have a fabulously filled show for you. Gavin and Simon discuss becoming entrenched in authors or genre, Sam Mills, author of ‘The Quiddity of Will Self’ joins us for a fascinating chat (honestly its brilliant, do listen) about Will Self and literature in general and gives us her guide to her top five Will Self books to get entrenched in.

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Entrenched in Books Last week Gavin and Simon mentioned getting ‘entrenched’ in books and Gavin said he wanted to talk about it in a section of its own, so here it is. The duo discuss the pro’s and con’s of only reading a single author or genre, why they both stopped doing it but how they also feel slightly envious of readers who simply stick to what they love. Could they challenge themselves this summer and entrench themselves in an author, series or genre, for a few weeks and see how it works?

Sam Mills & The Quiddity of Will Self Author Sam Mills joins us to talk about her novel ‘The Quiddity of Will Self’. She discusses why she didn’t think the book would ever be published, the pro’s and con’s of writing about someone well known and living (and why people would want to) and the trio end up chatting about secret societies and their thoughts on the literary world in general.

Sam Mills Top Five Will Self Books As Gavin and Simon discussed the idea of entrenchment in the first section of the show, they asked Sam to give her top five books that you should entrench yourself in if you chose to with Will Self, Simon is a fan and was thrilled she recommended ‘Cock and Bull’ first as he did to Gavin last week. Listen on for the full list.

Next Week on The Readers It’s the last show before the Summer Book Club 2012 starts for eight weeks, Simon and Gavin will be discussing out of print books, subjects they avoid in books and they will tell you what they have read, are reading and might just read next. Oh and watch out for a goose which cuts in on the act… Honestly!

Until then…

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