The Readers Episode 18; All About Us, Getting To Know The Readers Better…

As we suddenly realised we have never formerly introduced ourselves we thought that eighteen shows in it was about time we did. So here it is the ‘about us’ episode, from how we met to if we like cats and dogs, from the technical side to why we love reading (and answering lots of your questions from goodreads, so thank you for those), we hope you don’t think it’s too self indulgent.

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Getting To Know You, Well Us, Better (01.10) So just who are The Readers? What do Gavin and Simon do when they aren’t in your ears? How did they meet? Why did they decide to make this podcast? How do they choose the authors they have on the show? Do they like dogs or cats? You have asked us lots of questions on goodreads and Gav and Simon do their best to answer them.


The Readers and Their Reading (20.07) What made us read? Which books were the ones that influenced Gav and Simon in childhood and what about as adults? What attracts Gav to genre? Why did Simon go from being an SFF reader as a kid to a lover of literary fiction as an adult? What put them both off books? Basically what makes The Readers the readers that they are,a nd why they are so excited about The Readers Summer Book Club and the books that meet in the middle.

What The Readers Have Read, Are Reading and Want To Read Next (36.36) Six books we think you should be looking out for…


Gav has read (and listened to): The Fry Chronicles by Stephen Fry
He is currently buried in: Absorption by John Meaney
Up next for Gav (and Simon might read this too) is: The Illumination by Kevin Brockmeier


The last book Simon read was: Bereft by Chris Womersley
He is currently very much enjoying: The Diving Belles by Lucy Wood
He is quite desperate to read the gory: The Autobiography of Jack The Ripper by James Carnac

Next Week on The Readers (53.00) We have a ‘Victoriana Special’ as we are joined by Essie Fox to discuss her debut novel ‘The Somnambulist’  and why in these modern times we love to look back at the past and the ‘sensational’.

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