The Readers Episode 22; Eowyn Ivey, Ali Shaw & Fairytales

This week on The Readers we have a ‘fairytale’ special. We are joined by Eowyn Ivey to discuss her novel ‘The Snow Child’ and Ali Shaw; author of ‘The Girl With Glass Feet’ and ‘The Man Who Rained’ joins us to discuss the fairytale genre, if there is such a thing.

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Interview with Eowyn Ivey (00.48) Gavin and Simon are joined by debut author Eowyn Ivey to discuss her novel ‘The Snow Child’. They discuss where the story came from, what inspired Eowyn and how she used her life in Alaska to create such a magical tale.


Fairytales with Ali Shaw (28.01) What makes a great fairytale and why as adults do we still love these stories? Ali Shaw, author of ‘The Girl With Glass Feet’ and ‘The Man Who Rained’, joins Gavin and Simon to discuss this, along with it being a genre, the real dark unedited classics and which fairytales for adults and children we might have missed out on. Ali also recommends his top five fairytales.


Next week on The Readers (59.46) we will be joined by Justin Torres to talk about his debut novel ‘We The Animals’ and when you should give up on a book.

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The Readers – Episode Nine; Books, Blogging & Culling

It’s a very bookish and blogging episode as we are joined by Kim of Reading Matters (who actually introduced Gavin and Simon to each other) for a very book based banter filled show. From book blogs and adding lots of titles onto your TBR’s to having to cull and clear out we discuss getting books and getting rid. The lovely Polly of the book blog Novel Insights gives us her top five books and of course, as always, we share what we’ve been reading and want to read.

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We talk Book Blogging (00.58) with special guest Kim we discuss why we blog about books, what we love about the book blogosphere and if it has changed us as readers?

Polly of Novel Insights Top 5 Books (22.27) we asked book blogger Polly to give us her top five books and what a treat they are for you, she is also a prime example of a blogger who is inspired by other bloggers on what to read next!

How do you cull books and why? (29.51) Kim also kindly joins us for a debate on culling those ever growing TBR’s. Can you ever have too many books? How do people cope with the one book out one book in rule, and how on earth can Gavin already be culling his Kindle?

What we have read, are reading, and really want to read next (40.36) We have nine titles to tempt you with as Gavin and Simon are also joined by Kim to share what books they have had on their blogger brains.


Gav has just read and loved (shock, horror): Thud by Terry Pratchett
He has just started: Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson
And quite fancies: Starlight by Stella Gibbons


Kim has just read and adored: Leaving Ardglass by William King
Is twenty odd pages into: Shadowstory by Jennifer Johnston
Can’t wait to get into: Bloodland by Alan Glynn


Simon has been blown away by: My Cousin Rachel by Daphne Du Maurier
Is currently enjoying: Hungry, The Stars and Everything by Emma Jane Unsworth
Is very excited about starting: The Man Who Rained by Ali Shaw

Next week on The Readers (56.00) the gloves are coming off as Simon and Gavin try to settle the debate on who owns Margaret Atwood, is she literary, is she sci-fi or speculative fiction? Should anyone even dare to pigeon hole her? What’s the fuss about? Well The Readers will be debating (quite heatedly we imagine) all of this next week after having read ‘In Other Worlds’ you have been warned!

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