Ep.88; The Internet & Books

This fortnight on The Readers Thomas and Simon take a look at the internet and how it does and doesn’t work with regard to books. They also discuss the impact it has had on reading and ponder how much it might have changed us without us realizing it.

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The Internet & Books () Thomas was reading Margaret Drabbles The Pure Gold Baby and as he read on he saw her description of a Town Hall in London, being the intrepid reader that he is he wanted to go and see if the place was actually how it was described in the book. So he googled it and there it was. This made him ponder how the internet has changed him as a reader and started a whole topic for this week…

internet As most of you will know by now, Simon is a bit of a cynic and so he made a list of the pro’s and con’s of the internet and books and discovered it was a double edged sword chatting to more people on social media is marvellous, but does it mean we are diverted and read less? Has it added too much hype to books? Can word be spread about smaller books better? How amazing is it to be able to contact an author? Should authors know when to shut up? Has it made being an author less about being a writer and more about being a celebrity? How would we cope without blogs and podcasts? Lots and lots to discuss indeed, we would of course love to know your thoughts…

Next Time on The Readers () Simon and Thomas will be back in two weeks time with the latest book based banter, and the last one before Christmas so expect something festive. Simon is back  in a week with You Wrote The Book and his guest is Eimear McBride, recent winner of the inaugural Goldsmith’s Prize with A Girl is a Half-Formed Thing. Don’t forget you can also join Simon, Gavin and Kate and Rob on Hear Read This a week on Friday when they will be discussing Carlos Ruiz Zafon’s Marina and Ursula Le Guin’s The Left Hand of Darkness.

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  1. Good discussion. Have you seen the twitter account @WrknOnMyNovel? It retweets people who say they are working on their novel in a devilishly funny way.

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