Ep.82; Discerning Readers & Reading Habits

After Simon spent the whole of episode eighty-one grilling his new co-host Thomas in an introductory special The Readers is back for a normal kind of episode. Simon and Thomas catch up with what has been going on in the last fortnight, what makes a discerning reader (and are they?) plus Thomas wants to talk reading habits.

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Catching Up () In the first teeny section of the show Thomas and Simon catch up over what has been going on in the last fortnight. Simon has a mini apology to make to a listener and Thomas has two interesting admissions about how The Readers has already changed his reading – a little bit.

Discerning Readers () Simon has been thinking, which we all know is dangerous, about what makes a discerning reader and what makes one. Interestingly he was sparked off with these thoughts by a piece that Thomas posted on Facebook about how he has changed since some diaries he found from 1992. That and a discussion about Kate Atkinson’s ‘Life After Life’ that he had on The Guardian website that made him feel he wasn’t a discerning reader. What qualifies you to be a discerning reader? Is it only about reading the classics or only reading the books that you know you like? Is a discerning reader one who reads widely and broadly, high literature and a bit of trash? What are your thoughts?

Reading Habits () Simon can’t remember if he and Gavin talked about this before, but we may repeat a few conversations now and again so it doesn’t really matter. Anyway, Thomas wanted to talk about reading habits, particularly as the seasons change and so he grills Simon on quite a few things. What are your thoughts on the following questions they discuss… Do you have a reading summer plan? Do you read different types of books for different seasons? When you travel do you read about the country you are in? Do you read more? Where do you like to settle with a good book? What is your worst reading habit?

Next time on The Readers () Thomas and Simon will be back in a fortnights time. Simon will also be back next Tuesday on You Wrote The Book with (he knows now) author Niven Govinden. On Friday it is the first in the The Readers Book Club autumn selection with James Smythe’s ‘The Explorer’ and Gavin is back! Simon and Gavin chat to James about the book as well as having Kate and Rob of Adventures With Words joining them for the spoiler section –oooh! Until then…

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