The Readers Episode 44; Books in Translation & What Readers Are We?

This week on The Readers more change as while Gavin is on holiday Simon is joined by the second of his special guest co-hosts, exciting! This week they discuss books in translation and just what sort of readers they think they are… or aren’t!

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A Special Guest () This week, while Gavin is having a holiday, Simon is joined by his friend, book blogger (at AJ Reads) and translator Alainn Jones, or AJ to his friends, from Scotland. In the first section of the show Simon springs a few surprise questions on AJ in the hopes that it gets you to know him better and maybe even trips up a little, heehee.


Lost in Translation () With a translator as the special guest co-host this week Simon wanted to make the most of AJ and his many skills to talk about books in translation. As someone who can read books in multiple languages Simon asks AJ about the books he has read in translation and in the original tongue and how they compare. They also discuss if we translate enough and what gets lost when we do.

What Readers Are We? () Simon has been asking himself this question on and off for some weeks/months now as he doesn’t feel his reading can be defined or indeed if it can be defined enough. AJ also has asked himself the same questions since he started blogging. Both of them have missed the greats like Dickens, Austen and the rest of the canon, so can they really call themselves readers? This causes quite a natter and by the end a surprise challenge the duo will be embarking on!

Next Week on The Readers () Simon will be joined by another special guest in the form of Jennifer Entwistle for some more bookish banter, until then…

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