The Readers Episode 31; Catching Up, Books You Hate But Have to Finish & Audiobooks

This week on The Readers Gavin and Simon fill you in on some bookish ventures, they discuss books you don’t like but simply have to finish, the pros and cons of audiobooks and its back… what they have read, are reading and want to read next.

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Catching Up () Last week Simon read from Rebecca in front of an audience for World Book Night and Gavin sorted out his shelves as he may be moving, they have a natter and catch up on events so grab a cuppa and join them.

Books You Hate But Have To Finish () Simon has started a new book group in Manchester, being a book group he feels he has to finish the book or else… but he is loathing it (It’s Mary Barton by Elizabeth Gaskell) sadly. He discusses why he dislikes it so much and yet why he has to finish it. He also tells Gavin why this is not an unfamiliar feeling. Gavin discusses why he won’t finish a book he loathes.

Audiobooks () Simon never used to be a fan of podcasts before, however thanks to the aforementioned ‘Mary Barton’ he felt he needed help and turned to audiobooks for a helping hand. Gavin is a fan of audiobooks and listens to them regularly. Our reading duo discuss why narrators are so important and how great audiobooks can be, but also how sometimes you keep having to listen to the same chapter over and over again. You can also get a free audio short written by William Boyd and read by Olivia Coleman here thanks to Bookslam.

What We’ve Read, Are Reading & Want To Read Next () It’s back, six books that you might want to add to your ever growing TBR piles.


Simon has read: Never Mind by Edward St Aubyn
Simon is reading: Home by Toni Morrison
Simon wants to read: The Forrests by Emily Perkins


Gavin has read: A Death in Valencia by Jason Webster
Gavin is reading: House of Rumour by Jake Arnott
Gavin wants to read: The Blind Giant by Nick Harkaway

Until next week…

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8 thoughts on “The Readers Episode 31; Catching Up, Books You Hate But Have to Finish & Audiobooks

  1. I cheered when I heard Gavin talk of audiobooks and showing his excellent taste in favoring Simon Vance; but I have to be honest that I had several #headdesk moments listening to (Reader) Simon talk about his audio book experiences. Please, for the love of audiobooks, refrain from dnloading free audio books that are really nothing more than collections of samples from narrator wannabes. It’s not fair to the book, the author, the narrator or the listener. A good, experienced narrator can drive a story to levels beyond a print reader’s instinct and open up the text in whole new ways. We all agree that the narrator makes the listening experience; but please don’t judge the medium as a whole upon sub par material. It’s like judging the whole of print by reading a self-pubbed paranormal romance novel! I won’t go on and on, for fear of being branded as like the old lady who wanted to talk abut Daphne (Hmmm, it may be too late); but it would be as rewarding to make a point of listening to good audio books as it is to make a point of reading good books :-)

    • Oops. I do apologise about the Libravox thing if it offended. Though I am glad I mentioned it, as though it may not be the best example of audiobooks I do think that what these volunteers do for people who have sight problems is fantastic.

      I may try more audiobooks in the future, especially ones I am nervous about, like Ernest Cline ;)

  2. Speaking of audio book narrators brought the following to mind…
    I heard Susan Gregg Gilmore read from Finding Salvation at the Dairy Queen on a Books on the Nightstand episode. Then when I read the story I enjoyed it all the more because I could hear her voice throughout the book.

    Love the podcast!

    • Thank you Susan. We are glad you are enjoying it.

      Interesting you felt that way about that author, some authors are terrible at reading aloud. My favourite ever author to hear reading is Andrea Levy, she had me spell bound. Sarah Winman and Jane Harris have had me entraced before too.

  3. The word you were looking for is Bildungsroman (a German portmanteau word “education” + “novel” that has become the literary-critical term of art for coming-of-age novel).

    This was my first visit to your podcast. I had a good time. Thank you for your hospitality.

    • Thank you very much Susan. I just couldnt think of the word at the time. Hope you come back and visit now and again, or every week ;)

  4. Great episode. I’ve only just discovered this podcast today and have already listened to the last 5 episodes, followed on twitter and joined the goodreads group. Good work.

    In regards to the topics discussed in this episode. 1) Books You Hate But Have To Finish; I have major issues with some of the books my bookclub picks to read but I do enjoy being the villian and being critical about the books. 2) Audiobooks seem to be my replacement for music now and I find it the best way to read two books at the same time without being confused.

    • Glad you liked it that much Michael, though I hope we haven’t distracted you at work or taken you away from a loved one, we have heard this does happen.

      Interesting you mention replacing music with audiobooks, I am having a big music rather than books phase at the moment which is most annoying.

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