Episode 30; World Book Night and Essentials on the Shelves

This week Simon and Gavin celebrate World Book Night with a bit of a special episode. Simon is out sharing Rebecca and Gavin if he’d been prepared would have been giving The Time Traveller’s Wife. They are joined by Victoria from Eve’s Alexandria who shares the book she’s giving away before moving on to Gavin sharing some books that are essential on his shelves.

Note show notes are a little short as Gavin is doing them and lacks Simon’s flare! 

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4 thoughts on “Episode 30; World Book Night and Essentials on the Shelves

  1. Love the tangents :) I have Daphne coming to me, a kind soul is sending me a copy, so happy, I have never read it, looking forward to it, even though I don’t need convincing to get back into reading, but totally get that concept, for me it was the post university effect, I think studying temporarily killed my reading and so great to rediscover it.

    The book I would choose to be on the list would be Martin Booth’s ‘The Industry of Souls’.

    • Hahahaha glad you love the tangents, we do them regularily! Hope you love Daphne as much as I did, I am a massive, massive fan.

      I have never heard of Martin Booths book, I shall have to go and check it out.

  2. Hi guys! I am finally caught up on all your podcasts! I love them all. You both crack me up. I adore you both! I feel like you’re sitting in my dining chatting away while I fix my breakfast. I’m following you guys on Twitter but I must confess I haven’t quite gotten the knack of tweets. But I’ll get there. I think what I like most about you two is how different you are. And I’m “appalled” that Simon is not a fan of poetry! (and still no Dickens?) Horrors! But I’ll forgive you for that. Your devotion to Sherlock Holmes got me to read some stories for the first time in my 50 years of reading. Bravo!

    I’m an omnivore when it comes to reading. I’ll try just about anything but true crime. So, come on, Simon, pick up some Dickens or some of Mary Oliver’s poetry! Give it a go.

    Gav, you are a patient soul! (hehehe)

    • Erm, why is Gav a patient soul, hahahaha.

      Glad you are enjoying the podcasts and thank you for leaving such a lovely comment.

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